Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sweet Sunday

Today, me and my families went to Bandung visit my another grandpa on the monastery in Bandung.
We have a great time, a lot of beautiful places.
And I also bring Velvet on this trip.

For today ootd, me and Velvet wearing our baby pink outfits.
Me with my pink shirt, and Velvet with her pink jumper. 

Alright no laugh.
This is my stupiddest, uggliest face I ever post on my blog.
But it is fun to see me, and Velvet like this, pay attention on her tongue, its so long, haha. 

This is my favourite pastor on this monastery.
He always love to singing "Ave Maria" even in the moment when he just woke up!
He is more than 80 yo but still cant walk with no one help.
He talks a lot although I cant understand what he talking about, he speaks dutch language.

This is me, sister, auntie, cousins.

After went to the monastery, we all went to the Rumah Guguk.
And you know thats a heaven for dogs.
For all dogs lover, you should come visit that place.
Its really comfy place for dogs, and also for humans.
They sell a lot of cute foods, dog clothes, they do pet grooming, they also have a pet hotels, swimming pool, and a grass fields.
You can see a short video of it on my instagram: @aiiness
So, here it is the moment when Velvet got her swimming lesson.
She easily swim, and she looks cute when she moved her hand like that hahaaa.

After that, we went to floating market Lembang to buy some Bandung foods.
Me and my sister visit a Pondok Kelinci.
You can see the video also in my instagram.
We pay and we got a carrots to feed the rabbits.

This is a bonus picture for Velvet bite her new ball.
Dont u think that the ball is bigger than her head ??

head piece - naughty
shirt - bangkok
turtle neck sleeveless top - new look
polka dot vintage skirt - chrisnawati novia
freestyle hi wedge - reebok


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  3. Awesome looks
    Nice pics<3

  4. Awesome look!
    Nice pics<3

  5. adorable outfitttt!and how cute is velvet <3333

  6. Ines lucu bangettttt <3
    di ig video velvet renang lucu banget :p

  7. SO CUTEEE <3

  8. Hi, I couldn’t seem to find an email. And I really wanted to ask you a question about your dog?