Thursday, December 19, 2013

Duck here, duck there!

headpiece - sabs creation
cat big rope neckale - mannequin plastic
duck sweater - hollingberry 
duck backpack - pancoal, d-a-s-h
polka dot baggy pant - jvstify
pascal boots - dr. martens

line: hollingberry
bbm pin: 7475A085
text: +628 2118991921


  1. you look so funny, cute and pretty at the same time, falling in love with your sweater! <3

  2. cute banget ainess i love your sunnies and sweater :D

  3. thank youuu!! :)

    oups, I forgotten to follow you yesterday... Now it's done! :) And I follow you on lookbook too ^^

  4. so glad I found your blog girl, your style is AMAZING, so tuff to mix up all these prints and you do it perfectly, you look gorgeous I want every single piece of the outfit, the lipstick the sunnies the shoes everything
    such an amazing blog you have here, keep it up, you are doing a super job.

    Bisous from FRANCE

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