Monday, December 2, 2013

Vaseline Blogger Gathering

This is a late post. 
It should be 10/9/13
So sorry :(
But please just enjoy it!

Hey hello guys!
Tonite, me, Gaby, and Natalia was invited to Vaseline Blogger Gathering by Fashionese Daily.
This event was held in Marquee Executive Offices.
And as the dress code: The Power of Vaseline Serum (pink/ yellow/ orange)
I wear this sweet look with pink n yellow combination.
You can take a look!

In here, we learn about skin needs, and about new Vaseline Serums.
Also I enjoy the exclusive dinner so much.
There are 3 Vaseline Serums and they have different function each other.
I had to fill the quiz provided by them.
According to the quiz, I need to use total moisture nourishing Vaseline Serum caused of my activities much more in the full ac room.
But to be honest, I prefere like the smell of healthy white SPF30 PA++ Vaseline Serum.
Its so fresh according to me!

So happy that they gimme 3 of them!!
Swear Im gonna use them all the time ;) 

Dr. Eddy was talking about skin needs and why we need Vaseline Serum.

This is me and Gaby trying the Vaseline Serum.
Sorry for the quality picture cause it taken by phone camera.

Anywaaaay, the good new is when me and Gaby was choosen to be the best dress tonite!!

The picture of us together and please excuse my silly face .. :|

Dont forget to follow @VaselineID on twitter for more about healthy and beauty skin.

pink heart sunnys - realfashionlvrs
satchel bag - belongs to my sister
polka dot skirt - unbranded
cakes shirt - platinum mall, bangkok
denim lace vest - unbranded
pascal boots - dr. martens


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