Friday, February 28, 2014


I did a photoshoot this morning for Kawanku Magazine.
Such a very great time!
Anyway its 2nd day of INFARE II, have u come ??

86 beanie - zara
winter coat - stradivarius
nose ring - numo
tiger chain neckale - pull and bear
#ootd tanktop - abocs
mcm rucksack - osch shop
gold creeper - forever 21
sunnys - henry holland x le specs

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Thursday, February 27, 2014


Hi, what are you guys doin???
I just wanna share about my 5 wish lists 2014 for Dressale.
Check it out!
Most of them are shoeses but I pick one cutie dress of ma choice.

USD $40.99
Its also available for the white one.
You know the fave part is that mesh omg im in love, u know how much i luv sneakers huh!
But this time with that mesh details, its make it even cooler!!!
U can buy it HERE

USD $43.99
Its also available for the black one.
So, as u see. That sol, make it soooo eye-catching! Love that big wavey on it, and those gold metal, make it not too sporty but chic n swag, according to me. I just love it!
U can buy it HERE

USD $28.99
As its nickname, this is too sweet with that pink sol.
The special thing of this boots is the colour. The combination between that baby colour is amaze me too much! Perfect for this rainy day ~
U can buy it HERE

USD $43.99
You know what make this one special right. 
That python looks a like, really works so well with those color.
That blue, what a pretty blue on a creeper style.
Totally love, and definetely make me taller with those big flatform.
U can buy it HERE

USD $210.99
So, the last one is a dress, what a very lovely dress right!
Love the cutting bustier on it, and anyway they have many colors also, so u can choose whats ur fave colors! How cool is that ??
U can buy it HERE

What are you waiting for ??
I make it easy for u to buy them! Just click that 'HERE' word I gave you.
Grab em fast, much discounts and u wont regret it guys!!! 
See ya in anotha post of mine ;)

Happy Tiger

snapback | sunnys | skirt - bangkok
softlens - softlens asia
tiger hoodie - closet's food
backpack - converse
sneakers - puma

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rocky Road

Great time with this lil baby girl ;)

hair acc - diva accessories
hoodie sunnys - henry holland x le specs
fur vest -
choker - l.i.n.f
custom tee - ghettoeshop
legging - laconchieta
wedges - lasenora boutique

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