Thursday, March 27, 2014


Hey hoo~
You guys know how much I love creepers ??
They makes me taller, and their cute designs, oh Goshhh.
And this time look what I found! These creepers killin me, totally need these babies from DRESSALE. Check it out!

Also u can grab em for less than $50! Most of them less than $40!
Im so excited!
For those who want em, just click HERE
Grab em fastaaah *_*


  1. Omg cool!
    Yea i like creepers/other thick-soled shoes they make me look like badass!! lol

    Adventure of P-chan!

  2. WWWooowwwww you are so cool!!!!! Thanks for your comment!!!!!! Of course, i follow you!!! I love your blog!!!!! I hope you on my blog!!!! ;)