Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sporty Kourtney

Hi, happy Sunday!
This morning I helped my friend for a TV show, i became one of his love candidate. 
But no trust me its all fake, how's Nicko if I really become one of them??? Hahaha.

After the tv show, i picked up my bf, he just arrived in Jakarta from Bali.
And went to his house cuz he needs to get shower and put some of his band stuffs on his house.

Then, we both went to my house, i changed my clothes into a dress cuz we were going to my family's wedding dinner. Yeah, whats nicer than a free food that makes my tummy full.
Oh well so before the wedding my mom bought me this Stella Rissa dress.
She bought it at Galleries Lafayette.
They called this dress as Kourtney dress, n i definetely in love with this dress.
It still gives a sporty image by used a mesh fabric for it sleeves.

As u can see that unique collar design.
What more can i say ??
So damn in love ...

stella rissa kourtney dress
earrings - @cheap_id
topshop asteryx boots

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  1. cute dress! :D

    cheer, michelle ~