Friday, February 6, 2015

Swag After Dark

Today is the second day of metropolis market.
Im planning on to put some of my clothes on Chrisnawati Novia's booth. :p
But before i went there, i went to the airport to say good bye to my bf for the next three days.
Hahahaa yea he went to Bali till Sunday cuz he has a performance tomorrow.
So, safe flight dear babe.

Sorry for the unzipper bag :p
Im wearing my new favorite hoodie by Apparel After Dark aka AAD by Amelia Bunjamin.
You know i luv loose outfit dont you ??
So here it is, loose, crop, hoodie, too swag xx

the prisoners of St. Petersburg orange clear sunnys
apparel after dark crop hoodie
fame agenda showgirl balloon pant
kipling backpack
nassgorju watch
DKNY mesh jessica shoes


  1. I love those trousers. The print is so unique

    Sunset Desires

  2. cool outfit :D
    you look so swaggie <33

    cheer, michelle ~