Saturday, April 25, 2015

Trippy Kitty

Welcome to ma trippy kitty cat look of the day!
Hahahahaa today im wearing hoodie with a trippy cat print, also legging with cats pattern, and yesah fur fanny to complete my trippy kitty look.
You know why i dressed up like this? Today me and my bf went to Cat Cabin Kemang.
Where I can find a place to chill with cats!
Look look, scroll down please ~

This snapback is a special bday gift from my sister.
What makes it special ??
Becauuuuse, she made it by herself!
I mean those shiny mosaic look alike from old cds. How cool is that ??
Thanks a lot sits, this is the coolest snapback i've ever had.

For this one, look at that, the fur, the pink colour, 
The zip is foiled with holographic film to match the material. (Sorry cant show u the zip detail)
The backside is also made of Holo film material so it wont be too warm and no fur will stick to my clothes. Crazy item ! <3 nbsp="" p="">

His name is Joker. And he has sucha rounded face, lol.

DIY snapback - bday gift from my sister
OFGWKTA tron cat hoodie
yesah fur fanny
H&M cat legging
topshop asteryx boots

By the way, i want to share some information about flanel shirt.
I like to wear shirt when i go comfy yet stylish look.
Wear it with skinny jeans, and mini rucksack, that would be cool.
And you can find flanel shirt at ZALORA!

Just easily click : KEMEJA FLANEL

Available for men and women.
And some of them are on sale also.
What r u waiting for ?? ;;D

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Loving right now

house of jealouxy hamsa pearl headpiece
new look top
zara slider sandals
dollskill baby doll mini backpack

Pics by : Gabriella Olivia

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mother Nature

Today I had a shoot session with Binus TV for tote scene.
I prepared like 4 looks for today with different style for each look.
But I only post one look on blog which is that u see right now.
I call it 'Mother Nature' cuz its kinda bohemian style, with layered long skirt, and i also wear feather earring, fringe shoes. I play with earth colors like brown, green. Its like, back to nature!

tonik headband
diva  feather earrings
skirt (from mom)
the little things she needs fringe flat shoes

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mornin' Buzz

My 1st post with my new black hair.
Because colored hair are too mainstream ?
Ahaha of course no, im just kidding .. I have to make it black cuz of some shoot but now i kinda love my super black hair. People told me I look fresh with this dark colour, and I look like a cleopatra or something ?? Hahaha dont take it too serious ;)
And what do u think about my new hair ?

NRDN cheetah jacket
topshop crop tank | studded waist bag
shopjeen sequin basketball shorts
YRU black qozmo hi platform

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

So fresh

I attend the third collection of Hay United at Empirica this afternoon.
And yes I also wear Hay United sweats misty crop hoodie from their 2nd collection.
Crop is up right now and hoodie always makes a bit touch of swag.
Thats why, im in love with this top!!!
It made by baby terry material which makes it more smooth and comfortable to wear.
The colour is easily to match with any other outfit.

hay united sweats misty crop
topshop waist bag | arcade white shoes

instagram : @hayunited