Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mornin' Buzz

My 1st post with my new black hair.
Because colored hair are too mainstream ?
Ahaha of course no, im just kidding .. I have to make it black cuz of some shoot but now i kinda love my super black hair. People told me I look fresh with this dark colour, and I look like a cleopatra or something ?? Hahaha dont take it too serious ;)
And what do u think about my new hair ?

NRDN cheetah jacket
topshop crop tank | studded waist bag
shopjeen sequin basketball shorts
YRU black qozmo hi platform


  1. black hair looks good on you! yes i guess colored hair is so mainstream now (ups)


  2. aaaa nicee jacket iness <33

  3. u def. look like cleopatra with black hari :p
    anyway i adore your platform <33

    cheer, michelle ~

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