Sunday, May 10, 2015

Rainbow Monster

Had a photosession with my bae Valerie Samantha, and the photographer is her sister, Patrisca Amanda. On theme, fur. And it was kinda funny when I showed up with my super colourful outfit + rainbow notebook, while Valerie showed up with her monochrome outfit as usual, with a white faux fur. Hahahaa, so it was like, 2 sides of fur kinda outfits, contrast but yet match.

First photo is a photobomb caused by my stupid and ignorant bf. Excuse him and that absurd thing he held.

obey tiedye snapback - metro dept. store
lip service three way vinyl bra - dollskill
ogasm o-ring collar choker - fluffy store
claire's eyes neckale | rainbow notebook
nameless fur play crop jacket - dollskill
topshop motto mom denim high waist shorts
fox and owl fuck thigh brace - etsy
jeffrey campbell 8th street boots fuchsia - solestruck

big big thanks to Patrisca Amanda for ur time n being such a gr8 photographer, and my bf also who took some of those pics also, ;;)


  1. nesss you're so damn cool yet cuteee :D
    seruu yaa photosession berdua gitu :D

  2. Love the furry jacket and the vinyl bra !:O
    Looks so fun ya!!!:<

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  3. Aaaa~ ines you look so cool and cute as usual <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  4. cakep bgt sih ini berduaaa ;"( fur jacketnya btw lucu bgt deh nes warnanyaaa <3