Sunday, June 28, 2015


amante donut sunglasses
stargazers symbols dress
nrdn04 floral shirt
topshop totebag
dr martens white leather boots

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Little furry monster

Today is my bff 22nd birthday!!!
Happy birthday to my old friend, Dalphine!!
For celebrate her bday, we all went to kidzania, n for real still had some fun, even it seems like we're the older child u could see playing around on the things that we shouldn't play.
But, still. It was fun, and will always fun.

So damn in love with this nike free flyknit colour combination!
Fuchsia + bubble gum blue = <3 p="">
I usually wear this shoes for gym-ing so this is the first time I bring this baby go out for some new places. 

Matchy phone case and t-shirt.
Little green man!!

Helping my client aka my sister!

Be a dubber for 'Pingu the penguin'

Grace and me as a presenter.
Im sure we'll be back to kidzania asap cuz we love our childhood and don't wanna move on!

uniqlo disney pixar little green man tee
chicwish shorts
doll skill dream bags big furry tee - wonderland (iconic market)
topman socks
nike free 4.0 flyknit

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Trippy Pug

Hey, how are u ???
I cutter my hair short few days ago. 
Today, we all (me, bf, my sister and her bf) went to dogs day out @ PIK.
I became one of the guest star today n thanks for having me there! 
Btw, look at me n Velvet matching outfit in purple, I'm so in love with this laughing pug sweater from the yub. The material is so slick and smooth.

There there me and Velvet at the stage ;P
Oh and here, bonus pic of the day, my bf's partner, Miyabi the white husky.
My boyfriend's best friend. 

theyub pug long sleeve tee
odd future x new era kool trapper hat - maris store
topshop mini bag
L.I.N.F chokers
new balance polkadots sneakers - emerge store

app: theyub (both android and iOS)
instagram: @theyubshop

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tokyo Pirate

All I did today is watching my boyfriend's show at one school at Serpong.
Went with this kinda weird outfit is making me as a centre attention hahahahhaaa
Im used to it anyway.
Played with some red + blue outfit today, you know that 'pirate' title was given by my bf gosh he told me that i look like a fuckin pirate, before he saw that tokyo word on my tshirt.
So lets just call this "Tokyo Pirate". Guess thats bcuz of my headwear that looks like Captain Jack ???
Hahahhhahhahah!!!! Check it out! scroll down ~

cotton on tokyo crop tee
kreepsville 666 eyeball bracelet - dollskill
mabibili studios polkadot bag
topshop motto mom denim highwaist
adidas superstar hearts