Saturday, June 20, 2015

Trippy Pug

Hey, how are u ???
I cutter my hair short few days ago. 
Today, we all (me, bf, my sister and her bf) went to dogs day out @ PIK.
I became one of the guest star today n thanks for having me there! 
Btw, look at me n Velvet matching outfit in purple, I'm so in love with this laughing pug sweater from the yub. The material is so slick and smooth.

There there me and Velvet at the stage ;P
Oh and here, bonus pic of the day, my bf's partner, Miyabi the white husky.
My boyfriend's best friend. 

theyub pug long sleeve tee
odd future x new era kool trapper hat - maris store
topshop mini bag
L.I.N.F chokers
new balance polkadots sneakers - emerge store

app: theyub (both android and iOS)
instagram: @theyubshop


  1. cutee outfit hehehehe

  2. So vibrant!

  3. Your dog is so cute <33333
    love your pink bag anyway :)

  4. Aaaa~ you look so cool and cute in that jumper <33
    velvet looks so stylish in that purple outfit :D

    cheer, michelle ~