Sunday, August 9, 2015

Guns n roses

So, yeah.
As u see my hair is really short rn. I was planning on colouring my hair brown.
But since i coloured it black last time, the stylist wasn't sure for a nice result, then I said "make it short".
Ok welcome pixie hair! What do u think ? :)

This afternoon I accompanied my boyfriend do performance with his band at GBK Senayan.
Metal makes me dress up like this tho.

Btw im so in love with my new vintage shoes that I bought at etsy.
Its gordonjack. Never heard that before but this shoes is kinda heavy.
And biker boots look a like, I think the colour and the design suits perfectly.

amante sunglasses
chromat pentagram harness - dollskill
forever 21 guns and roses top
unbranded backpack
screw you double garter socks - doll skill
gordonjack 90s mega platform shoes - etsy (beta apparel club sneakers)


  1. cool look!

  2. looking cool as always <33
    btw you reminds me of miley cyrus with that short hair :))

    cheer, michelle ~