Sunday, September 6, 2015

Yin Yang

Hi! So, monochrome look for today.
My schedule for today is to visit wonderland just because they have someone special in their store today. Guess who ?
Find out by scrolling down this post ;)

By the way just got some good stuffs from dressin.
You see my O ring choker and the straps halter (as an inner) ?
Some kinda fierce thingy that makes u look badass tho, lol.
Check out their site for more good stuffs!

And yes, the guest star wud be GG @plaaastic !
She's been one of my inspirator, she's nicer on the real world.
So glad to meet her in person.

Last shoot before we hit the city, *_*

cocraparis yin yang kimono
lahlahland outer symbolic bralet
dressin o-ring choker | straps halter (inner)
bershka high waist shorts
yru qozmo hi platform



  1. omg love everything from head to toe <33

    cheer, michelle ~