Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pre-historic Gal

Eh? Wait. I don't wanna be a ghost this year.


This halloween I am planning to be a prehistoric woman.
It was inspired by Pebbles from Cartoon Network's The Flintstones. 

I always buy new costumes every time halloween comes.
I bought this one from with Valerie.
I also bought this liquid salem lipstick from limecrime that didn't come through easily because importing a liquid product with F**-*x, has permission issues.
And my mom ended up paying 7 f-ing million IDR in order to get everything I ordered to get through. Lucky bastards..
Why does importing a small lipstick had to be this hard. 
Oh my god its so sad :(

dollskill pre-historic bae costume | deadliest catch furry leg warmers
limecrime salem velvetine liquid lipstick

Saturday, October 24, 2015

On your mind

Its grandma's birthday today.
Everybody including me are visiting here in my uncle's beautiful home with big trees all over.
The air is so refreshing because of it.
The skirt is from Fame Agenda mom bought for me to wear, cause mom just loves Fame Agenda, like SO MUCH!!

Oh and anyway, this photo above was being featured in OOTD Indo's Valentine edition. 
And received loads of comments telling how much they love my skirt. So do I tho.
Some said it looks similar to Kojie San Soap Cover haha. 
The headband is actually a scarf by the way. 
And the platforms are from Y.R.U. (got it at ASOS while it was on sale)

fame agenda pouffe skirt
y.r.u dream platform mules - asos

Friday, October 16, 2015

The spy

Uniqlo is collaborating with disney and they are launching their products in PIM today. Woohoo..
After I'm done looking around what they have to offer, my next stop is to Puri Mall where I'm gonna perform an acoustic session with my boyfriend.
Apologies for no acoustic photos.

I'm wearing a full set from fame agenda with eyes as their main motif all around.
They use a stiff material on this bitch. I like the top part of it because of its unique design.
The triangle V-shaped sleeve and the V-neck hole makes it so. thats it..

fame agenda eyes print top and pants
H&M net beanie hat | boots

photos by Nicko aka boyfriend.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Lets watch hentai ;)

Same place HA HA HA. Don't get too bored!
Theres this guy. His name is Bill Satya.
We've been contacting each other for a photoshoot and we're able to set a schedule to finally meet up.
Bill is endorsing a product from Happy socks x Snoop Dogg and I'm gonna be modelling it. 
There are actually plenty of products that he endorses. 
But i choose this since its cute. 
Each sides has a different word on it. one says juice, and the other says gin. Its just so Snoop.
And i blend it using blue.
By the way, I'm with Valerie also.

Bonus picture:

claire's headband
topshop motto mom hi waist shorts
forever 21 clear chain bracelet
ugly saturn parka
jeffrey campbell mayview sandals
happysocks x snoop dogg juice gin socks
devilish punky heart bucket hat
nix project lets watch hentai t-shirt

Oh and by the way, listen to my last cover song!
I mean, Nicko and me!
It is hotline bling acoustic version, hope u enjoy ~