Thursday, September 3, 2015


Enjoying my daily life and came across this Agelez Bihaku product that claims to be a formula specially made that allows you to have a healthier skin and a better circular bloodstream through out your whole body.

Their basic ingredients came from salmon fish. Agelez Bihaku mostly put something called collagen inside their formula which is believed that ables the skin to contain more water. The skin becomes smoother as a result from it. They also claimed to be the very first and only collagen supplement in Indonesia. They put 13500mg of nano-sized collagen which they extract from salmon for each bottle. But for those who aren't 25 years old yet, they advice to only consume a 1/4 of a bottle for each serving which i took. Surprisingly it tastes good. The peach flavour kicks in quickly once it touches your tongue.

I took this nearly for a week now. I ran a test before i got the products, but sadly i lost the data to know any specific differences. And so far, i haven't experience anything major. But i did started to notice  the pimple marks on my cheeks are starting to fade away. Because usually i cover them all using make ups. But the red dots are starting to like cover beneath the skin, i think..

They gave me options to make mojitos using this if i dislike the taste of it. But since i don't mind the taste, i just drank it straight up. Hoping to get much better effect out of it. This is a good product because when ever the weather goes bad here, the air start to be a bad enemy to me and gives me plenty unwanted facial problems. With this, i can keep my skin to stay well-moistened and healthy. And it is a product that gives me a proper intake of collagen that my body needs. And Agelez Bihaku is the only product formula for most collagens from japan in indonesia that i'v seen thus far.

So I'm just going to continue to  drink this and hopefully for more satisfying results.

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  3. Can't wait for a good result ci Ines!


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