Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Gloomy Day

Me and a friend of mine, Putri Valentina, were thinking about taking some pictures in highest floor inside an old mall in the area called Iconic. 
I specially like the creepy restroom because the place looks creepy and old just like in all the horror movies we know.
The whole mall is being renovated now actually. 
But before they renovate the whole place, we decided that we need to shoot pictures here before they renovate this creepy place too.
Since this place seems to be like being inside a horror movie.
 I choose to wear the colour black to suit the dark gloomy theme. then we took pictures of each other.

Love the lace details on the side of the skirt. If you look closely, there are words around the laces. its cheap monday. YAY!

By the way, this creepy place is no longer this creepy because they finally decided to make it prettier by putting something on the floor. 
Can't remember what it is though but its brown. Probably wood, maybe..

All photos were taken by Putri Valentina

lahlahland cross choker
this is a love song logo bondage bra
YRU dream platform mules - asos
cheap monday typo laced mini skirt - asos

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  1. I love this outfit! Very nice top =)

  2. omg. u r so fuckin cool!!

  3. looking cool as always!! <33
    and instead of horror idk why but it looks so cool and tumblr-ish xD

    cheer, michelle ~