Saturday, October 24, 2015

On your mind

Its grandma's birthday today.
Everybody including me are visiting here in my uncle's beautiful home with big trees all over.
The air is so refreshing because of it.
The skirt is from Fame Agenda mom bought for me to wear, cause mom just loves Fame Agenda, like SO MUCH!!

Oh and anyway, this photo above was being featured in OOTD Indo's Valentine edition. 
And received loads of comments telling how much they love my skirt. So do I tho.
Some said it looks similar to Kojie San Soap Cover haha. 
The headband is actually a scarf by the way. 
And the platforms are from Y.R.U. (got it at ASOS while it was on sale)

fame agenda pouffe skirt
y.r.u dream platform mules - asos


  1. such a bold look!

  2. so cuute. i love your skirt plus your relationship with your boyfie

  3. why you look so good in that wig:^) I want to cut my hair as short as your wig:3
    Cute and elegant outfit!! x