Sunday, August 16, 2015


ORORI, that is the name of this jewelry store that has been focusing on selling high quality wedding rings around Indonesia. They also have other jewellery things like engagement rings, men's rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pendants.

It was started with a store in malls. then the interesting thing from this product is that they bravely decided to sell their products online, which is the first ever online shopping for jewelry in Indonesia. The main idea came because mostly people in Indonesia would like to purchase products online than wasting time going to jewelry stores.

Since there are no jewelry online shops in Indonesia, being the first reliable online jewelry transaction in Indonesia became their main goal by putting efforts on providing people with an easy and secure online shopping experience.

A few good things about this jewelry store:
- ORORI happens to be the first online jewelry store since 2004 so people can easily buy high quality jewelry online without having to go out to a store
- ORORI has been trying to fulfill many of people's variety needs by having many types of material on making jewelry
- ORORI comes with a feature called "Design My Own" that allows people to make custom jewelry in the site.
- ORORI uses 3D Printer to make their jewelry
- ORORI provides Alphabet Pendant Collection which came with five different fonts so people can have jewelrys that are made personally for them

And here are the pictures of ORORI's Jewelry Products.

diamond women ring

This one is a heart shape women's ring.
i like this design because its cute, simple, and made of diamonds.
it is also suitable for all ages.

This gold cross pendant is so pretty with all the aligned diamonds on it.
Religious going fancy.

Italian gold neck ale with the daisy flower shape.
It has a diamond look-a-like texture that flashes like one.
This bracelet has an unique design with a mix of gold colour.

For those of you who would like to always keep your jewelry clean. fear not. this thing does the job.
This ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is easy to use rather than other cleaner products.
with a cleaning tank inside this US-made cleaner cleans automatically without being touch by human hands.

Thanks ORORI for the chance to visit you office. i had so much fun during the visit.


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