Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pre-historic Gal

Eh? Wait. I don't wanna be a ghost this year.


This halloween I am planning to be a prehistoric woman.
It was inspired by Pebbles from Cartoon Network's The Flintstones. 

I always buy new costumes every time halloween comes.
I bought this one from with Valerie.
I also bought this liquid salem lipstick from limecrime that didn't come through easily because importing a liquid product with F**-*x, has permission issues.
And my mom ended up paying 7 f-ing million IDR in order to get everything I ordered to get through. Lucky bastards..
Why does importing a small lipstick had to be this hard. 
Oh my god its so sad :(

dollskill pre-historic bae costume | deadliest catch furry leg warmers
limecrime salem velvetine liquid lipstick

1 comment:

  1. cute but also you look hot <33

    cheer, michelle ~