Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pink Rider

Today I'm having a photoshoot for an article that is going to be posted in
The main content of the website features women with their own rides. 
Mine is a pink Fiat 500.
And for the first time, she's going to be in a media coverage.
I'm matching my outfit to suit my car's color during so.

I'm going to write a few details about the stuff I'm wearing. 
Start from the pixelated pink watch. It's from Zalora. So cute and unique

And this one, sandals or sneakers, I don't know, it can be both.
But I love it anyways, because this buffalo shoes has pink flames on each side.
U can also see the buffalo mark on the bottom sole!

I always love Nila Anthony's design.
Their bag designs are always super unique.
I'm wearing their bag that looks like a leather jacket, look at it, how can i not fell for this ??

Last, but not least, my ripped denim with patches by stupkid.
Look at those super cute colorful patches???
There's chucky as well tho hahahhah!

For those of you who would like to see the article I mentioned. click on the link below:

Click :

topshop pink t-shirt
stradivarius gold vintage glasses
zalora pixelated watch
nila anthony jacket backpack
stupkid ripped boyfriend jeans with 90s patches
buffalo babydragonz slip on sneakers (via etsy)


  1. AHHH!! aku juga baru selesai kursus mobil>.< baru sekali turun ke jalan dan udah diteriakin sama temen2 karna jalannya terlalu mepet ke batas jalan x)) pas itu jg mati di lampu merah jadi di klaksonin sm orang orang i cri;_; btw your car is my dream car>.< AHH!! i've always wanted sandal-shoes...i need thing like that! x


  2. Wow. I'm in love with your pinky car--jadi ingat punya Paris Hilton. I really really really liiiike every single items which you're wearing at this post. Semuanya sangat cute and menarik!!