Saturday, December 17, 2016

Boys Tears short video

Video by Gadutism.
Location: my room
Wardrobe: mine
This is an instagram video made by the one n only Gadutism.
But since its way too good to be posted on instagram only so I uploaded this for you tuber to see.

So this video is about a girl who loves to get high, enjoy her own night world. Play with herself. And don't give a fuck to others.
Life is about yourself, so enjoy, and don't think about anyone else!!

I hope u enjoy this short video πŸ˜šπŸ’‹

Friday, December 9, 2016


Today is the daaaaay!
We're here not to celebrate my birthday. No its not my birthday yet!
We're here to celebrate #Disneyhaksegalabangsa
Finally we have Disney collection in Ramayana !

Today, me and the bloggers, (boyfie also is coming) attending the Grand Launching of Ramayana x Disney at Ramayana Depok.
Who doesn't know Ramayana ???
We all know, and their super cheap prices makes me wanna buy their entire collection.
And who doesn't love Disney right??
So Ramayana allows us to wear Disney with no more expensive prices, so be happy and Celebrate!!!!

The event was super fun!!!!
We were being treated with good food, cutie minnie n mickey cupcakes, and i can have fun with my other blogger friends!! Makes me so excited! 

This is a photo when i tried to look good but bae focuses on the cake, lolol.
He's an idiot i know πŸ˜‚

Another program on this event is we all bloggers had the fashion challenge.
So we were given Rp 300.000 ramayana voucher and 30 mins to spend the voucher for an ootd.
So here are the results ↑
Yeah you can look good only for Rp 300.000 !

And this Disney x Ramayana will be available at all 67 Ramayana stores in Indonesia.
And don't worry u can also buy online tho ;D
Just visit ✨✨

Thanks for reading, xoxo πŸ’‹

Monday, December 5, 2016

California Rose

Introducing my new glasses from Polette Indonesia.
Polette is a French eyewear brand.
I choose this one since its pink n the design is like, kinda 80s.
Vintage yet funk!

The material is the reason why I definitely gonna buy another glasses on Polette Indonesia.
It is really lightweight and smooth, really looks expensive.

The whole package.

instagram: @polette_indonesia
line :
whatsapp: +628 1286170378

go visit them cuz u won't regret it! 😎

Photos by : Angga Gadustism
Place: Feelsual Studio

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dusty Rose Denim

This is my outfit for Jakarta Fashion Week 2016.
Whats next?

rubi denim hat
cotton on white laces top
topshop denim jacket
dolls kill baby doll mini backpack | dusty rose love story thigh- high boots

Monday, October 3, 2016

Shaky Sharky

I had a shooting for Mnc Style
N the shooting was held at Grand Mercure Kemayoran

Me and the shooting crew.

something boudoir sharks dress
minkpink sunglasses
up cloud wedges

Friday, September 23, 2016

AIINESS GOES TO SINGAPORE September, 23rd 2016


So its my 23rd birthday and here i am runaway to Singapore for a quick vacay.
Im went here with my sister. Yes, just both of us.
I feel so lonely bcuz my boyfriend have a show in Bali n I can't come for some reason so I decided to go here n make myself busy.
After arrived in Changi we both felt hungry n we found this cutie hello kitty cafe, ok, lets eat.

strawberry hot tea





Btw my dad is here as well so me n my sister was planning on having some lunch together with dad and families. Here are some photos of me at Tanah Merah Club.
When i was a kid my aunt brought me here for swim sometimes.

After lunch, me, my sister n dad went to the China Town.
I wanted to visit the tintin shop.
N im so gladly that I could come with my dad.
He's the one who introduces me to Tintin. N we used to watch all the series when I was a child.
Every night, haha!

I bought this Snowy doll bcuz its too cute to be ignored :(
And u know what, my dad was so excited.
He asked me to took so many photos with this Snowy dog like almost everywhere.

After that we went to Genki Sushi because I wanna show my dad that kinda sushi train.
N i found out that Singapore genki sushi's plate is cuter than Indonesia's.
Look at these~


Today is the last day and this morning I had a photoshoot for one of the model agency.

And I'm super in love with the hair do.

After the photoshoot, me n my sister went to MBS, to visit the art science museum.

These are ice creams for astronaut.
I bought some for friends n bf n also one for myself.
It tastes like pressed milo powder. But not too sweet.

Ok, here's the end of my birthday trip.
I'll see u soon Singapore.
From me n my Snowy. Oh and my gigantic strawberry stick ;)