Saturday, January 23, 2016


I had a performance with my bf today at carousel treasure market.
The photo was taken after we done it.
These pictures was taken at a parking lot around the mall where we performed.

My outfit for today is combination of yellow and red.
And rocking this cocraparis emoji set.
U know these emoji print is so up right now? Since so many people type and express themselves with these super cute n various kind of emoticons. But this kinda oldskool since im wearing these bbm version of emojis. Who's still using blackberry?
Im one of those hipster people who also luvs emoji anyway.

As you all know that i am a big fan of jeremy scott's work. 
That is why i bought these shoes. 
I was stoked when i saw it at a store here. I've been stalking this pairs since forever.
I immediately bought it with no hesitation and it made me feel very happy.

And this swatch watch from mom.
My mom loves something simple but yet stylish.
This is what i got.
I can see the engine so clearly, so as u.

cocraparis emoji set
stradivarius it bag
swatch watch
adidas x jeremy scott high heel in light scarlet white 
topshop crop tee