Saturday, February 13, 2016


So today my boyfriend is performing an acoustic session with his friends at an eating place called food fighter. But beforehand, i took his free time to take pictures of me around bintaro where he and his friends rendezvous. I couldn't think of any other places here so i decided to take it under a railway bridge. Theres like graffiti through out the tunnel so i thought it would be cool to take shots here.
Today I'm wearing something which the colours will suit the place i mentioned.
The theme is like old school arcade games.
You'll get what i mean once you scroll down.

Talking about my outfit, I'm rocking these primary colours 

Rocking these blue red yellow all around.
Unless your colour blind, no offence. ;p

This is my bf's friend's place, theres this old building beside it.
Seemed like an abandoned place and seems interesting.
Enjoy these shots :)

Bonus pic : who doesn't love cotton candy. yumm..

topshop turtle neck top
H&M x Alexander Wang ellen bustier
spotlight colorblock denim set
aldo kosmo sneakers


  1. cool! such a vibrant look!

  2. I see your look here on LOOKBOOK, I love the nice colors and style ! ♥

  3. such cool pics,love the lipstick on you
    keep in touch

  4. your kicks <33

    cheer, michelle ~