Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Rainbow Candles

Hi, today me, boyfriend, and families went to Bandung as usual to visit my priest uncle.
I love to go here, because, there are so many perfect spot for me to take a picture.
Greens, chapel, graves also. -,-

You know what, this is a bit annoying since my mom is soo in love with fame agenda brand.
But she keeps buying me something from them everytime I visit family reunion.
So enjoy my new biggy shirt from mom.
Of course fame agenda, again.

fame agenda candles big shirt
darling rock sunny
glitter clear boots - Bali


  1. How cool is that shirt dress, such fun colors
    Keep in touch

  2. I love your outfit, it's so colorful, fun and edgy you look so stunning on it, i suddenly miss my mom in another country while reading your post she also bought me clothes in a thrift shop ^^