Friday, September 23, 2016

AIINESS GOES TO SINGAPORE September, 23rd 2016


So its my 23rd birthday and here i am runaway to Singapore for a quick vacay.
Im went here with my sister. Yes, just both of us.
I feel so lonely bcuz my boyfriend have a show in Bali n I can't come for some reason so I decided to go here n make myself busy.
After arrived in Changi we both felt hungry n we found this cutie hello kitty cafe, ok, lets eat.

strawberry hot tea





Btw my dad is here as well so me n my sister was planning on having some lunch together with dad and families. Here are some photos of me at Tanah Merah Club.
When i was a kid my aunt brought me here for swim sometimes.

After lunch, me, my sister n dad went to the China Town.
I wanted to visit the tintin shop.
N im so gladly that I could come with my dad.
He's the one who introduces me to Tintin. N we used to watch all the series when I was a child.
Every night, haha!

I bought this Snowy doll bcuz its too cute to be ignored :(
And u know what, my dad was so excited.
He asked me to took so many photos with this Snowy dog like almost everywhere.

After that we went to Genki Sushi because I wanna show my dad that kinda sushi train.
N i found out that Singapore genki sushi's plate is cuter than Indonesia's.
Look at these~


Today is the last day and this morning I had a photoshoot for one of the model agency.

And I'm super in love with the hair do.

After the photoshoot, me n my sister went to MBS, to visit the art science museum.

These are ice creams for astronaut.
I bought some for friends n bf n also one for myself.
It tastes like pressed milo powder. But not too sweet.

Ok, here's the end of my birthday trip.
I'll see u soon Singapore.
From me n my Snowy. Oh and my gigantic strawberry stick ;)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pinky Witch's born day

So this afternoon, me n Nicko had a live music shooting on air with Ario Astungkoro.
Thats why i brought my lovely pink mic. Hehehe.
Its my birthday tomorrow, after that my boyfriend asked me for a movie.
So we went to the mall n watch a movie till midnight.

Its 12 pm n its my 22nd birthday!
After we went home, look what I found!
These cutie balloons and decorations! And a super quirky cake u see!!
My sister, my friend, n my boyfriend was behind this and I'm so grateful for what u guys gave to me, 

Im so happy ~ thank you guys, and


zara pink outer | say what choker
topshop crop tee
bershka hi waist shorts
H&M boots