Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pinky Witch's born day

So this afternoon, me n Nicko had a live music shooting on air with Ario Astungkoro.
Thats why i brought my lovely pink mic. Hehehe.
Its my birthday tomorrow, after that my boyfriend asked me for a movie.
So we went to the mall n watch a movie till midnight.

Its 12 pm n its my 22nd birthday!
After we went home, look what I found!
These cutie balloons and decorations! And a super quirky cake u see!!
My sister, my friend, n my boyfriend was behind this and I'm so grateful for what u guys gave to me, 

Im so happy ~ thank you guys, and


zara pink outer | say what choker
topshop crop tee
bershka hi waist shorts
H&M boots

1 comment:

  1. that birthday theme doe~ happy belated birthday ci ines <3

    cheer, michelle ~