Monday, October 31, 2016

AIINESS GOES TO SINGAPORE on halloween horror nights 2016

Me and Nicko went to Singapore just to celebrate halloween night at the universal studio.
And we already well prepared for the costume.
First thing first when we got here,
checking in at Llyod's inn.
This place is not really big but soon comfy and homey.
Love the interior design, and we got so many complimentary including hot milo etc.

OUTFIT : public culture set | adidas superstar up

This year, we went for a witch n her black kitty >:)
I bought my witch costume from dollskill and my wig from rockstar wigs (google it)

Not as i expected, not so many people wore costumes like mine.
Most of them wore daily wear outfit or just like a head accessories or face painting.
I feel like one of the performers since some people asked for a photo with me .... :''D

But I love celebrate halloween at the universal studio because all the performers were so scary yet beautiful, they were very well prepared n amazing i love just to seeing them.

And by the way i lost my phone here.
I left it on the toilet.
I was solo sad i can't smile anymore after i lost it.
But after few days, this person sent me a dm n want to give my phone back so I went to her apartment n got my phone back, can't be more thankful than this!
Cuz i just bought it less than a week....
So yeah God still loves me! Hallelujah.


Checking out n went to our airbnb room near Bugis.

We went back to sentosa n visiting SEA Aquarium for the first time.
And this place is amazing~

Here is the moment when this kind family came to me n asked for some pictures with me.
And I love it. I can see how much they like me n it is so lovely.
They keep telling that I'm pretty n they told Nicko that he's so lucky to have me.
HAHAHHA Nicko ur the lucky guy u knooooow

OUTFIT: dignity hoodie | dollskill double garter socks | you qozmo hi platform shoes | bandana - passer benhil


Went to Ding Dong restaurant n having our lunch there.
This place is kinda cool with this Chinese modern interior.


fire shirt - @chocoberryhouse
dollskill curly garter boyshort
dollskill midnight neptune thigh high boots
joy rich x playboy sequince jacket


We went home today, n I love my airbnb so before checking out, I took these photos in my super comfy room.

hat - bugis street | zara jacket | H&M pants | adidas superstar sneakers

The end of the trip!
Thanks for reading ~~

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dusty Rose Denim

This is my outfit for Jakarta Fashion Week 2016.
Whats next?

rubi denim hat
cotton on white laces top
topshop denim jacket
dolls kill baby doll mini backpack | dusty rose love story thigh- high boots