Friday, December 9, 2016


Today is the daaaaay!
We're here not to celebrate my birthday. No its not my birthday yet!
We're here to celebrate #Disneyhaksegalabangsa
Finally we have Disney collection in Ramayana !

Today, me and the bloggers, (boyfie also is coming) attending the Grand Launching of Ramayana x Disney at Ramayana Depok.
Who doesn't know Ramayana ???
We all know, and their super cheap prices makes me wanna buy their entire collection.
And who doesn't love Disney right??
So Ramayana allows us to wear Disney with no more expensive prices, so be happy and Celebrate!!!!

The event was super fun!!!!
We were being treated with good food, cutie minnie n mickey cupcakes, and i can have fun with my other blogger friends!! Makes me so excited! 

This is a photo when i tried to look good but bae focuses on the cake, lolol.
He's an idiot i know 😂

Another program on this event is we all bloggers had the fashion challenge.
So we were given Rp 300.000 ramayana voucher and 30 mins to spend the voucher for an ootd.
So here are the results ↑
Yeah you can look good only for Rp 300.000 !

And this Disney x Ramayana will be available at all 67 Ramayana stores in Indonesia.
And don't worry u can also buy online tho ;D
Just visit ✨✨

Thanks for reading, xoxo 💋


  1. Lol, it seems like you are the big fan of Disney world that is why you have celebrated your birthday with the theme of Disney.

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