Sunday, August 27, 2017

Vla's 1st birthday

Its Vla's 1st birthday n these are some photos n a video for u who want to see what we're doing on her birthday! Enjoy!

video by Nicko Prabowo

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My First BB Glow Experience

@@This is my first ever experience on having a BB Glow treatment.

A little explanation, since so many people think its a foundation embroidery, but its NOT.
BB Glow is a facial treatment using a needle called MTS (Microneedle Treatment System) and other skin care products and it is not a foundation makeup.
It is called so because you will have clean and shine face like using bb cream after the treatment has been applied.

BB Glow does not fade unlike embroidery, it will not create dependency of any sort, and does not inject foundation to your facial skin.

BB Glow is close to facial treatment so taking good care of your face after the treatment is required to avoid old facial issues such as pimple, freckles, etc.

The Steps:

1. Face Cleansing

Makeup remover
You are allowed to skip one as long as your face are clean already before the actual treatment occurs.


Cleansing and toner.

2. MTS Procedure

Your face will be under anaesthesia from 20-30 minutes using a serum depending on the client's needs. Mixing serum is allowed.

Roll ampoule using MTS needle.
This doesn't hurt AT ALL I swear!

3. Skin Relaxation 

A masker will be applied on over the serum then an omega light will be used to dry out the masker for about 20 minute.
After its dry, cleaning the face followed by a light massage offered should you requested. 
And finally applying coolen to relax the facial skin after all the treatment and an after care product application if needed.

omega light

Here's the before-after photo:

My face is getting brighter.
The reddish is bcuz of the needle.

For u who wants to try, go contact em on

instagram: @beaubrows_yd
whatsapp: +628 7888288981
line: @beaubrows_yd

Monday, February 27, 2017


HI! Its me AIIINESS and this is a video of my hair being done by Loreal Professional.

They just launched a product called 'SMARTBOND' and in their campaign they gathered a few of public figures and influencers for this event. I am so happy to be a part of this and getting my hair colored by them and the results are amazing.

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Video by Nicko Prabowo

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Colours of the wind from Pocahontas (Cover by Aiiness)

I always love making disney music cover.
I got so many good feedback from u guys on my latest disney music cover, in a world of my own from Alice in wonderland.
So I made another one, enjoy!

Music by Nicko Prabowo