Saturday, July 28, 2018


 DAY 1
Sooooo here we goo, Bali again n I'm excited, never get bored with this island.
After me n boyfriend arrived, we got picked up by my friend n we had lunch at Milu by Nook.
So basically Milu is like Nook. The restaurant with the view of rice fields.
But I like Milu way better but unfortunately the rice fields wasn't so pretty bcuz it has been harvested at the time. 

Me - Putri Valentina - Gabriella Olivia
They are my friends back in Lasalle College.

After we had lunch, we went to Old Man's n having a couple of drinks.

We went to La Favela at night but they don't let the boys in since they're wearing sandals n shorts, so we moved to La Laguna, it was a quite fun night tho. 


forever 21 tube top
ones simper and the bamboo bag
sandals ( mom's )
skirt (bought it at passer sukawati) 


This morning me n my boyfriend went to Pantai Tegal Wangi but agaaaiiin, unfortunately the wave was too big we can't go down so we moved to Padang Padang beach.


zara skirt

Wearing the shell bikini making me feel like a real mermaid tho.
I bought this bra in Semi nyak,Bali a few years ago with my mom.

This cutie pinkish store located in Canggu called Cute Mistake.
U need to drop by when ur in Canggu.
They have an amazing collection I loveeeeee

Me, Nicko, n Gaby had dinner at the Fat Mermaid located in Canggu as well,
surprisingly the food was sooooo good, n the place is very pretty and comfy.


zara sequence top
forever 21 sequence bucket hat | pink bra

 DAY 3
Today we had lunch at Cosmic Diner.
They have so many branches in Bali but we went to the one in Sanur.
I always wanted to go here since I saw them in instagram.
When we got there they give us popcorn. How cute! ♥︎


forever 21 bodysuit

After lunch, we went to La Laguna back in Canggu.
This place is also one of my go to list.
Very cool concept.
The beach is exactly in front of their pool.
And they have a very tasty fried squid you need to try it.

We went to AYA street at night cuz we want to try some of Peruvian food.
N we kinda like it.
The place is very unique.
Oh and u have to go to their toilet. Just go inside the toilet. U'll know what I mean ;)

I just realised something.
I haven't tell u where did I stay in Bali, haha.
So we stay in koa surfer hotel, Canggu.
The room looks ordinary I haven't take any photos, but their rooftop is the best.
Cuteness overload check out these photos below.


Check out from Koa Surfer hotel n moving to Dash hotel, Seminyak.
I got so curious to stay at the Dash because the hotel looks so eccentric and unique from the outside.
And yes when i came inside everything is so cool and i love the interior design, and the sensual concept. LOL.


Today is me n my boyfriends 4th anniversary n we decided to go to the Nyang Nyang beach.

Unfortunately my phone got wet by the wave.
We were lying down far from the water but suddenly the big wave came and hit my phone.
And my phone was dead :(

We got this couple tattoo at night.
Yin Yang means we're different but stick together.