Thursday, October 18, 2018

Something wicked

Hi! Finally its October, one of my fav month of the year because there's Halloweeeeeen!!!
What are guys gonna be this year??
Can u guess what would i be this year??
Im sooooo excited cuz me n my friends will go to Singapore for halloween horror night 8 in the uss!!
Im going tomorrow.
N I just knew that there are rules not to use any costumes, or masks on the event.
So I will not dress up too much cuz I'm scared they will not let me in.

Ok talking about this post, there's a pretty place in west jakarta called Onni house.
If ur up for social life in instagram u will know since so many people took photos here.
Usually they decorate the place full of pink flowers but since its halloween, they change the decoration and this is so great i love how they decorate this place.
And they even sell some of pretty good stuffs like poster, and real flowers!!

Unfortunately it was raining n i got here n I can't take photos on the outside while the sky still bright tho. I'll come back there asap cuz I don't wanna miss any spot they have.
Btw can u spot the rain?? Cuz its still raining when i took this photo above. 

Bonus photo, Vla also celebrate halloween on hallow dog fest in lippo mall kemang.

Thanks for reading, I hope u guys having a great great n wicked month.
I'll see u on the next post!

black devil wings crop top -
skirt (from mom)
mary jane platform shoes - @lasenora_boutique